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A Point-of-Sale system (POS), also known as POS Software has come a long way from being a bolt-on application for cash registers. Today, the cornerstone piece of retail technology has been replaced by PCs, tablets, and mobile devices that work together to run your business, connect with customers constructively, and help you save on valuable time. SincAPOS Restaurant POS is a windows-based solution, specially designed to maximize your revenue through real-time monitoring, which in turn, provides your guests with highly satisfying experiences. Intended to run offline as well, the system captures all data in the absence of internet connectivity and uploads it once the connection is restored. Rollback to your cloud server whenever you need to review data and insights accessible to you. SincAPOS brings the next generation of secure, and robust Restaurant POS System Dubai that enables unique modules such as recipe and online delivery management. Whether you are looking to adapt or grow, our POS solutions are quick to deploy and ready to work. An easily customizable solution, it can be fully integrated with your legacy systems where customer data is made available on a single platform. A powerful analytics engine provides restaurant owners with valuable insights allowing them to make more informed decisions about your business. Unlike any other POS available in the market today, we use the latest technologies such as AI and machine learning to provide you with data-driven predictions and recommendations. Our easy-to-use POS System Dubai works in conjunction with the hardware and alongside a card reader for accepting payments from customers. The system is interlinked across divisions such as the kitchen, back office, vendor, inventory, and sales transactions. Leaving absolutely no room for hypothesizing, our POS tracks sales, facilitates hassle-free transactions, provides stronger business reports, and maintains continuity in the kitchen. SincAPOS System Dubai offers everything – convenience, style, and security. This is also the best all-in-one solution as against searching for third party systems that come with high prices and minimal offerings. Choose the best solution for your business with cross-platform compatibility and the most sophisticated operating systems to aid growing businesses to save money. We offer one of the most user-friendly platforms to foodservice businesses worldwide. Proffering unlimited access anywhere and at any time, our systems are periodically updated with newer and more powerful tools and integrations. Having partnered with the latest of technology providers, SincAPOS aims to offer the ultimate guest experience while facilitating a catalogue of products built for greater proficiency. Increase the efficacy of your foodservice through a centralized system that also assimilates cost-effectiveness, thus helping you accomplish much more with fewer resources. SincA Restaurant POS System Dubai manages large volumes of customer activities with an intelligent routing feature, tracks purchasing data, and eliminates missed calls. We are always committed to providing great service.

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If you own a Retail store, Restaurant business or other type of business in Dubai,Sharjah,UAE where tracking customers, inventory, Suppliers and Barcodes are important, then you are at the right place. At SCREL INFORMATION TECHONOLOGY LLC ,we provide the highest quality POS Software Products & Services anywhere, anytime, and at a reasonable price.

SincAPOS Software is rich with advanced features that is made for fullfilling the needs of a retailer for managing the retail store in a proper manner and providing them with the best customer support after the sales.

SincA Point Of Sales Dubai, UAE

As one of the Best POS Software in Dubai & UAE, SincAPOS software Dubai provides you a retail system which not only perform as a register but should also keep track of all your important data. SincAPOS, in UAE provides it's consumers in Dubai ,Sharjah & UAE, the convenience of having multiple program feature sets in a single interface. This saves you money as you won’t have to buy all the different packages to perform a family of related tasks. SincAPOS provides end-to-end automation of an organization’s sales cycle which comprises quotation processing, order processing to invoicing and delivery with multiple pricing methods, payment terms and delivery schedules. It supports multiple units of measurements and currencies. The program is developed with various level of access control and the best part of it is that the reports can be seen by management or concerned person from anywhere, anytime. That is why investing in SincAPOS allows you to run a better business and help your business flourish. SincAPOS software offered by SCREL INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY LLC helps business owners and managers in UAE to easily track their inventory, sales, purchases and customer promotions. It makes it easier for businesses to generate invoices, tackle purchases and inventory issues while managing loyal customers.

SincAPOS Software has 9 comprehensive modules to manage sales, pre-orders, reservations, home deliveries, purchase orders, inventory transfers, customer tracking, discount schemes, promotions, loyalty programs, data synchronization, security and all other aspects of a retail business.

•Customizable modules and dashboards
•User-defined notifications’ set-ups
•RFID enabled inventory system

Online or In-store,
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An end-to-end, web-based POS that has everything you need to manage your restaurant— online & in-store.

Billing and Restaurant Point of Sale software to simplify operations and maximize profits.

The best cloud-based POS for food outlets.

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Product features

Our products have been designed with your business in mind, and are packed with essential features to help you succeed.

•Billing & KOT
•Inventory Management
•Menu Management
•Delivery Integrations
•Detailed Reporting
•Advanced Analytics
•Integrated KDS
•Customer Directory
•Multi-device Support
•99.99% Uptime
•Point of Sale & Billing
•Online Orders in POS
•Kitchen Orders Print & Display
•Inventory & Recipe
•Reports & Analytics
•Digital Receipts
•Customer Feedback
•Loyalty & Marketing Automation
•Integrated Payments
•Multiple Outlets & Franchise

The perfect
operating system
for your restaurant

From quick order punching to detailed reporting and analytics, Sinca's POS feature has everything you need to increase staff efficiency and automate your restaurant operations.

Manage billing
KOTs with ease

Our POS is the fastest, most reliable way to bill customers and manage KOTs. Our system is designed to improve your operational efficiency and save you time and money.

Manage your
business from anywhere.

Manage your outlet’s setup and prices remotely. With the SincAPOS app, track sales, products and customer metrics in realtime from anywhere..

Manage table
kitchen orders.

You can setup and manage table orders. You can also send orders directly to kitchen using network KOT

Go green with
paperless billing.

Send your customers a digital receipt through SMS. This is a go green alternative to printing receipts. Also, the contacts get automatically added to your CRM.

Integrate with online food ordering portals